Monday, July 16, 2007

5-8 July 2007 Anita Klein presented by the Fine Art Partnership

Just when the contemporary art world seems full of artists attempting to shock and denigrate, Anita Klein's intimate, life affirming work comes as a welcome breath of fresh air. Her personal celebrations of everyday living rendered with humour, sensitivity and beauty reveal a joyful delight in the 'dailiness of life'.To view a selection of the artworks by Anita Klein and other major 20th and 21st century artists visit:

Monday, July 2, 2007

19 - 25 June 2007 'Femme Fatale'

Presented by Charlotte Thomson Art and Illustration, an exhibition of glamourous divas in paint, pencil and ink. Exhibited in the small gallery - see her work at:

Read an interview with Charlotte at the Exhibition at Left Lion Courtest of Mark Mackay.

19 - 25 June 2007 'Intention of Causing'

Eclectic group show featuring Catherine Walls – paintings resuscitating a sense of naïve fantasy and romantic wonder into our world; Jodie Sadler – black and white portraiture photography from simply constructed pinhole cameras; Joanne Warren – exploring public place; Abi Knipe –steeped in nostalgia, materialism and ownership; Cat Forward – beautifully ugly images of everyday banality; Aimee Betts – cut, colour, score, stick, dye, cut; Jane Bowler – explored new potentials in ready made objects.

5 - 18 June 2007 'Lux' 6 Nottingham Trent University Photography graduates

Work from new graduates, Emma Richardson - website: ,Chris Hoare - website: , Alex Bender, David Baird - website:, Victoria Leadbeater, Maria Bertran-Beaskoa

29 May - 4 June 2007 Raw Photographic Collection

Featuring the work of a group of digital photographers who met while attending courses at South Nottingham College and showcasing a diverse range of subject matter including wildlife, fine art, still life and portrait, traditional and modern. Visitors saw what can be achieved with a digital camera, a printer and some imagination. Exhibition sponsored by NOMAD Racing and South Nottingham College

1-14 May 2007 City Arts 'New Beginnings'

Recent work from 14 current and past resident artists from the New City Studio, a dedicated artists studio with space for up to 9 visual artists. It has been open for 15 months and was supported by a grant from New Deal for the Communities. Artists are assisted to develop themselves personally and professionally with business start up advice, training in working with community groups and a range of other opportunities. The Nottinghamshire artists have come from a variety of backgrounds and experience. The main art forms are painting, photography, print and new media.

20 -29 April 'The Fabric of Design' - Concepts for Lace Market Square, Nottingham

Fiona Heron reveals the inspiration behind the square through sketches, photography and 3 dimensional pieces. Themes drew on the history of the area and the industry of lace making as well as nature from which many lace patterns are drawn.
Key to the design was the enfolding of all elements into a single, integrated work of art. One where nature’s patterning and repetition entwines with the lace - making motifs of weave and weft, pins and pricked paper patterns. The resulting design interweaves the rich influence of historical lace buildings with the innovative forms of modern architecture

28 March - 15 April 2007 'The Art of Wedding Photography'

VIEw from the top offered local wedding photographers the opportunity to exhibit in the gallery and selected the best – highlighting a variety of approaches and, frankly, some absolutely stunning work, which we’d defy anybody not to define as art.

20 - 26 March 2007 Ooh La La! Burlesque Inspired Art

Charlotte Thomson & Natalie J Watts presented an exhibition of Burlesque inspired photography, artwork, illustration and beautiful handmade clothing and gifts.
" Ooh La La! Burlesque Inspired Art" brought together over 40 artists and makers from around the UK, Europe and the USA to celebrate the revival of Burlesque.

Read a review at Left Lion

6 - 19 March 'Celebrating Creativity' presented by The Prince's Trust

The Prince’s Trust Creative Industries Project showcased the work of 20 creative businesses including fashion, jewellery, photography and design. The project had been running since 2002 and had helped over 200 businesses to start up and provided them with comprehensive business support. It has been generously supported by the Arts Council England, East Midlands and East Midlands Development Agency.

6 - 12 February 2007 German Beuamont in aid of Venezuelan Children in Need

The first ever Nottingham Art Auction in aid of Veniños. See their website for further information

30 Jan - 5 Feb 2007 Persona Creative

Exhibition of work from Persona Creative - a multi-skilled marketing agency, working with public sector and private commercial clients across the UK -
Preview party opened by the mayor and highlighted in City Life magazine.

23 - 29 January 2007 'Feast'

‘Feast’ marked the culmination of a 12-month programme of artistic activities involving service users from Double Impact, a drug and alcohol service based in Nottingham City.
Building upon an existing relationship with the Lady Bay Open Studios Artist Group, this artist- and service user- led programme explored innovative ways of working. Centering around different themes over two distinct 6 month periods, the programme consisted of a series of regular in-house workshops, and visits to galleries, exhibitions, the theatre and places of interest both locally and further afield. The activity was funded by the Arts Council East Midlands and the Nottingham Crime and Drug Partnership.

9-21 January 2007 Independent Artists Group

Exhibition of artwork from international artists selling on ebay. The work was varied in style and theme representing the eclectic and inclusive nature of the groups work. Included abstract, illustrative, pop art, figurative, decorative and much more to cater for many tastes - prices from £50 - £1000. See

21 -23 December 2006 Christmas Art Sale from Fine Art Partnership

A stunning exhibition and sale of original etchings, lithographs and screenprints by some of the world’s greatest artists including Hockney, Picasso and Miró, set alongside famous contemporary British artists such as Tracey Emin, Damian Hirst and Howard Hodgkin.

From regular exhibitors, Rebecca and Vincent Eames

6-10 December 2006 Christmas Shopping Party

Gorgeous, unique gifts from designer-makers.

21 - 27 November 2006 Olivier Jamin

Olivier Jamin is a freelance Deaf Artist. His debut solo exhibition show was held at VIEW from the top in Nottingham. He selected his work showing abstract multi-coloured pictures based on his life experience, travels and moods. A unique dimension is introduced as hands forms pictures translating from sign language to art images.

21 - 26 November 2006 'Art-Routes'

Five Artists One Theme - Five linked interpretations of the words Routes and Roots
Five journeys of explorations of the common theme with each artist retaining her own individual style and visual interpretations. The exhibition was brought together by the artists: Tina Combellack, Judith Orchard, Freda Rhodes, Dot Wheeler and Sue Woodford sharing their current research, ideas and thoughts.

15 - 19 November 2006 Tryptych

Three siblings. Kirsty, Sally and Rob Whitrow were born and grew up in the Peak District but now live and work in the three counties of the East Midlands. All three trained in fine art and have developed their work over many years with individual shows, but this was the first time they exhibited together. The work encompassed a wide variety of styles and techniques, from photography and collage to mosiacs and oils, but all drew their inspiration from natural forms.

14-20 November 2006 Jonathan Woodward

Jonathan Woodward, freelance graphic designer & artist, works from his home studio in Nottingham and is interested in comic art, pulp art and contemporary illustration & design. screenICONS was Jonathan's debut show in Nottingham. Taking inspiration from his love of movies, the show features portraits 'with a twist' of screen icons past & present.


7 - 13 November Gold Coast Artists

Giving artists and artisans from West Africa a global platform to express their true artistic painting talents and to spur their creativity. Gold Coast Artists serves as an agent for artists who set their own prices and receive individual recognition for their talents. The artist pays and signs nothing to participate—no membership fees, no processing fees, no fees to list each new item, no fees per sale. Instead of receiving a salary; artists collect full payment in local currency in Ghana as each of their paintings are purchased. See

25 October - 5 Nov 2006 'Into the Pixel'

The Art of Video Games - First time in the UK from Los Angeles, Videogame artists' recognised for their creative achievements in both the digital and fine art worlds.

10 -22 October 2006 'Art is Good for You' Returns

The second best-selling exhibition of artworks by people who have used mental health or learning disability services in nottinghamshire.

4th - 9th October Kafele Returns

Kafele's second showing at VIEw from the top 'I love African art and this is the finest group of African artefacts I have seen in many years. Nottingham should have many more such exhibitions' (David Baker, visitor to the exhibition). See for more details this company specialising in African art for interiors.

26 Sept - 1st Oct 2006 'A Fresh Perspective'

Exhibition supported by Actons Solicitors and Framework Housing Association, Nottinghamshire’s leading provider of housing, support, training, care and resettlement services to homeless and vulnerable people.

Summer Show 2006

A wonderful, diverse selection from local artists including painting, prints and photography

16 -20 August 2006 Serena Simmons Da Vinci is Serena's first solo exhibition since returning to the UK. Many of the pieces in this exhibit were influenced by the timeless work of Da Vinci, in particular his exact and fascinating sketches. As a result Serena created some interesting and colourful pieces which highlight a varied palette of colour as well as subject matter. Paintings in this exhibition were all for sale, 10% of proceeds going to Rainbows Children's Hospice, East Midlands.

13 -16th July Robert Indiana presented by Fine Art Partnership

Robert Indiana’s bold LOVE screenprints are perhaps, next to Warhol’s Monroe screenprints, one of the most famous and iconic of all American Pop Art images. Indiana originally created the stacked LO above the VE to accompany some of his original poetry as early as 1958. At this exciting four day event all twelve poems accompanied by the twelve screenprints, each signed and numbered by the artist, were exhibited and offered for sale. for more information see or call: 07970 105508 / 01903 751 217email:

27 June - 3rd July 2006 Deaf Awareness Week

Nottingham City Council and a range of local and national organisations including Nottinghamshire Council, the NHS and Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue organised a Deaf Awareness week and a day of workshops on 28 June. More info at

14th – 25th June 2006 '4ten' Photography

Four photography graduates from Nottingham Trent’s annual photo festival, entitled ‘Ten’, exhibited their degree show

24-28th May 2006 Process3

Process³ brought a collaboration of three contempory and vibrant artists; each artist had a very personal approach to their subject matter. The way in which materials can be utilised within a working process provides a loose theme for this artistic collaboration. One thing remains certain - this collaboration was an opportunity to experience some of the east-midlands most up and coming artistic talent.

April 30th - 7th May 2006 Victoria Landon - photographer

Nottingham-born Victoria exhibited a series of images looking at the elements of landscape as tangible objects in their own right, rather than simply pieces of our surroundings locked into their environment and having no existence outside that context. The thread running through these works is texture: whether the hardness of stone, the flicker of burning embers or the effects of light on trees, each of her works have strongly tactile overtones – drawing the viewer in, to the point of wanting to reach out and touch.

22-26th March 2006 'A Picture in Mind'

Using disposable cameras, Picture in Mind (PIM) was a photographic concept initiated during the summer of 2005, giving service users from mental health day services in North Nottinghamshire an opportunity to raise awareness of living with mental health problems. The group developed their ideas over a 12 week period introducing image captions, text projection and audio installation culminating in a powerful visual and audio statement of their personal experience.

2 - 22nd December 2005 'Gorgeous Things for Christmas'

A stunning show with gorgeous gifts from over 70 independent artists, designers and makers. Jewellery, ceramics, glass, sculpture, paintings, prints, soft toys, handbags, scarves… and much more, at prices to suit all pockets.

2nd - 11th November 2005 joinedupdesignforschools

What if you put pupils in charge of improving their schools? The Sorrell Foundation's, joinedupdesignforschools exhibition, touring from the V & A, provided excellent examples of the positive results that emerge when pupils are involved as clients in the design process. These examples included Paul Smith working with pupils from Aldecar Community School to design a trendy new uniform. The exhibition at VIEW from the top was accompanied by workshops facilitated by Creative Partnerships and local architects. More info at

17th - 20th October 2005 Stan's Cafe, NOW Festival

Part of Nottingham's cutting edge NOW Festival, Stan’s Cafe performed and created an installation making a statement about global populations using grains of rice to represent statistics. Over four days, global statistics and human life was carefully measured in rice, arranged and displayed in contrasting piles, creating an engaging statement of political contradictions

October 10th-15th 2005 'Art is Good For You'

Stunning exhibition of patient artwork organised by Nottinghamshire Health Care NHS Trust to mark World Mental Health Day on October 10th.

12th - 25th September 2005 - Gorgeous things For Walls

VIEw from the top's opening show was an open exhibition of 'Gorgeous Things for Walls' celebrated with a party for nearly 200 people.