Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Designer maker gift boutiques & weekend gift markets!

Christmas at View is very special and 2008 was no exception, as we showcased local designer makers in our gallery boutiques. Each weekend leading up to Christmas we also hosted a designer makers 3 day market with up to 20 stalls. The diversity & selection was brilliant with something to catch everyone's eye. Lizzie Adcock and Jill Perry Liam Woodgates , Anna French & Hazel Atkinson, Plum Brierley & Sally Cotterill were all local designer makers who created their own boutiques in the gallery throughout December!

Inspired Festive Exhibition 18th Nov-22nd Dec

Jill Perry & Lizzie Adcock presented their festive gallery gift shop for five weeks running up to Christmas with some gorgeous new gift ideas & original artworks!

To see more of their work visit their websites - Jill Perry, Arum Lillie Designs

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Passionate Photographers 25th - 30th November

A collaboration of one hundred photographers from around the world has culminated in a this ground-breaking exhibition of photography.

Organised by the Olympus Photo Safari Group, this major event drew attention back to the quality of the printed photographic image.
Breaking new ground in worldwide collaboration, the presentation
featured 200 16"x12" high quality prints, representing highlights of
600 images contributed by over 100 talented photographers, from around
the globe.

The exhibition ran from Tuesday 25th to Sunday 30th November at
the 'View from the Top' art gallery in Nottingham.

The group were proud to mark the occasion, with the launch of their
first photographic book and DVD, which presented stunning examples
of photography by passionate photographers worldwide, using Olympus
E-System cameras.

Full details and more info on the exhibition will be posted here :