Monday, August 6, 2007

July 25 - Aug 6th 2007 'Inspired'

Inspired from Medieval manuscripts to Elizabethan textiles this celebration of art and textiles combines original works, including paintings, limited prints, framed textiles, costume, gorgeous gifts to interior delights! Textile designer Lizzie Adcock creates luxurious interior and giftware inspired by Elizabethan textiles. From exquisite stamped silk designs to blackwork prints of Elizabethan Lace, strawberries, peapods, enchanted gardens to menacing sea monsters, all handmade just for you! Artist Jill Perry combines her love of medieval manuscripts with traditional folklore, tales and rhymes. The creative energy in Jill’s colourwork and design draws you into her magical anagorical tales.

July 25 - Aug 6th 2007 Marie Helene Collection

Marie Helene Collection - Original, contemporary, digital photographic art presented by Sandy Camel Media Productions. The exhibition displays a selection of the images from the 'Marie Helene collection'. Images which reflect upon the reality of life when contrasted and compared with the emotions of life, including hopes, expectations, love, trust, and belief.

10th - 23rd July Something Wickedly Weird

Original drawings from award-winning illustrator Chris Mould as he makes his gripping authorial debut with the darkly humorous series, Something Wickedly Weird. Chris Mould's wicked humour and outstanding characterisation perfectly complement his integrated illustrations throughout. Chris Mould is a rising star in children's illustration, following the huge success of Vesuvius Poovius and Dust 'n' Bones. His debut into writing is set to be equally successful. There are six books in the Something Wickedly Weird series, including The Icy Hand and The Silver Casket. See see