Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nottinghamshire's Rainbow Heritage 18th -23rd February

Nottinghamshire's Rainbow Heritage returned to the gallery to present a display of work produced to raise awareness of gay, lesbian, transexual, bisexual history and continuing issues. With much new research and archive material, this year's exhibition was a vibrant and fascinatingly detailed display. With much media interest from local press and a huge number of visitors over the week. It is a successful project which promises to grow and develop a much needed archive for the communities in Nottinghamshire.

Nottinghamshire's Rainbow Heritage

Pre Raphaelites Revisited 18th -23rd February

Art Deco Studio presented an exhibition of photographs on canvas in our small gallery inspired by pre-raphaelite master paintings.

They received a tremendous response from visitors and lots of media coverage for the tricky photographic process which John Knight undertook. See BBC Nottingham's article here.
View more of the work produced by Art Deco Studio here -
Visit their website

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

SIX 14th Jan-15th Feb

Fresh Art & Design 2 was a successful open exhibition held in summer 2008, during the exhibition the public & a professional panel were asked to vote for their favourite artist in the show of over 50 artists!

The 6 chosen winners were awarded a month long exhibition running from 13th Jan-15th Feb. With various mediums & styles, the winners stood out with their skill, originality & different approaches.

The show included work by Steven Ingman, Eireann Lorsung, Joan Beal, Clinton Crosen, Gillian Choo & Lorna Hooper.

See Nottingham Evening Post's review online here

Impact Magazine's review of the show